Movie Screen – 8’x8′


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img-37 Silver Lenticular surfaces are sensitive to temperature changes which may temporarily cause slight unevenness after a screen has been rolled up for a time. If uneven when first opened for use, put on normal tension with the tensioning device and allow it to stand at room temperature of 70 to 75 degrees for five or ten minutes. The surface will equalize itself and be normally flat for projection in a very short time.


1. Hold screen vertically with tripod just above floor. With toe, press straight down on toe release plate. Tripod legs will glide open.
2. Pull out Red Locking Knob at top of bottom tube.
3. Raise extension tube to first position, and then swing case to horizontal position.
4. Raise screen surface and pull bail over hanger. If Keystone Eliminator is to be used,

  1. simply grasp the knurled tip which protrudes slightly above the hanger;
  2. pull straight up;
  3. then lay in a horizontal position over the hanger, and place the pull bail on it.

5. Release Red Locking Knob and fabric tension lock lever on handle.
6. Holding extension tube with one hand and releasing Red Locking Knob with other, raise extension tube to desired position.
7. The case position may be changed by pulling out the Red Locking Knob located
on the handle.
8. For rectangular picture area on screens with square surfaces, move case to desired position and lock by pressing down on the fabric tension lock lever.
9. On models with Super Wonder-Lite surface, press down on handle until surface is taut. Lock by pressing down on fabric tension locking lever.

Follow steps 1 through 3 above.
a. Raise locking lever on left side of handle.
b. Release red knob and lower case.
c. Holding bottom tube, raise extension tube until it locks into desired position.

1. Return screen case to original central position on center tube. On models with Super Wonder-Lite surface, first release fabric tension lock lever on handle.
2. Hold extension tube firmly. Pull out top Red Locking Knob and lower extension tube to bottom position.
3. Unhook screen pull bail and complete rerolling fabric into case.
4. If Keystone Eliminator has been used, simply raise it to a perpendicular position and push it back into the extension tube.
5. Swing case to vertical position. Note that fabric locks in.
6. Set tab on hanger in opening of case end cap. As extension tube locks, the case also is locked.
7. Place tip of middle finger of right hand in depression beneath leg bracket. Lift leg bracket sharply, at the same time applying a slight lift to entire unit with left hand. Note that legs are closed and locked, hanger, and extension tube and case are locked and surface is locked to provide for safe and
comfortable carrying and storing.


Before re-rolling surface into case, examine both front and back of surface to be sure they are free of foreign matter. A Da-Lite Screen case cover is a wise and economical investment.
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