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Furnish and install TSURUMI Model LSC1.4S-61 Submersible Pump(s).
3 Each unit shall be capable of delivering _______GPM ( _______m /min) at _______Feet ( _______m) TDH.
The pump(s) shall be designed to pump waste water, down to 3/64”, without damage during operation. The
pump(s) shall be designed so that the shaft power required (BHP)/(kW) shall not exceed the motor rated
output throughout the entire operating range of the pump performance curve. Pump(s) shall be of the top
discharge, flow through design.
Construction of major parts of the pumping unit(s) shall be as follows: Pump casing shall be gray cast iron, ATSM
A48 CLASS 35. Motor frame shall be carbon steel. Internal and external surfaces coming into contact with the
pumpage shall be protected by a fused polymer coating. All exposed fasteners shall be stainless steel. All
units shall be furnished with 3/4“ NPS, garden hose discharge connector. Impellers shall be of the multivane, ductile cast iron, semi-open solids handling design and shall be slip fit to the shaft and key driven. Units shall
incorporate a check valve on the suction side of the pump and shall not require a sump.
All units shall be furnished with a dual inside mechanical shaft seal located completely out of the pumpage,
running in a separate oil filled chamber and further protected by an exclusionary oil seal located between
the bottom seal faces and the fluid being pumped. Mechanical seals shall rated to preclude the incursion of
water up to 13.9 PSI (32 Ft.) submergence. Units shall have silicon carbide mechanical seal faces. Mechanical
seal hardware shall be stainless steel.
4. MOTORThe pump motor(s) shall be 1/2 HP., 0.40 kW., 115 / 230V., 60 Hz. 1 Phase and shall be NEMA MG-1, Design
Type B equivalent. Motor(s) shall be rated at 5.9 / 3.0 full load amps. Motor(s) shall have a 1.15 service factor
and shall be rated for 10 starts per hour. Motor(s) shall be air filled, copper wound, class E insulated with built in
thermal and over amperage protection. Motor shaft shall be 403 stainless steel, fitted with a replaceable 430
stainless steel shaft sleeve and shall be supported by two permanently lubricated, high temperature ball
bearings, with a B-10 life rating at best efficiency point of 60,000 hours. Bearings on all units shall be single
row, double shielded, C3, deep groove type ball bearing.
The pump power cable shall be suitable for submersible pump applications. The cable entrance shall incorporate
built in strain relief, and a one piece, three way mechanical compression seal with a fatigue reducing cable boot.
The cable entrance assembly shall contain an anti-wicking block to eliminate water incursion into the motor due to
capillary wicking should the power cable be accidentally damaged


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