Concrete Chainsaw – 12″ (Chain sold separately)


[tab title=”Product”]Advantages and Uses
Versatile and easy to use
Deep cuts up to 12 inches
Square corners without over-cuts in material as thick as 10 inches
Irregular shape
No power pack required
Safe to operate, no “kickback”
Wet-cut, no hazardous dust
Long-lasting “rim-style” drive sprocket
Reliability features built-in to eliminate minor breakdowns: air filter water-seal system; high-strength, electroplated chain-tensioning screw; pre-lubricated starter pawls; no-kink water inlet hose
Uses diamond chains with SealPro® O-Ring technology
Use the 613GC with standard “garden hose” water pressure; no need for a water booster pump
5.7-hp (80-cc) engine designed specifically for wet cutting concrete in an abrasive environment
Special crankshaft sealing and air filtration
Sprocket side cover and guard flap designed for maximum operator safety
Easy access and simple maintenance requirements
Fixed-Position WallWalker® helps ensure easier cuts in multiple positions[/tab]
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